Andros is one of the larger and more beautiful islands among the Greek Island compartment of Cyclades. It has remained unknown to the general public until recent years for various reasons, even for citizens of the nearby Athens. It has extreme diversities that fascinate and provoke to explore and discover them. Just namely we mention some:

  • Organized beaches with mini-Bars, umbrellas and sun-bathing chairs, water sports (mainly Windsurf and SUP).
  • Non-organized beaches, mainly in the northern parts, some of whom may have umbrellas and sun-bathing chairs.
  • Many small villages in the mainland, some of them gifted with rich vegetation and naturally flowing waters, a phenomenon very rare in Cyclades, especially during the summer.
  • A plethora of churches and monasteries in nearby or inaccessible areas, many of them constructed before the Middle Ages.
  • A lot of paths that cross the mainland and join together almost all the villages. Many of these paths are in good condition with the aid of local trekkers. Paths in central Andros may even be marked, and walking them grants view to old watermills, bridges and more, remnants from eras that those paths based the life and economy of the island.
  • Splendid restaurants with local-natural (like bio) products and Greek and Local dishes.
  • The fascinating and very beautiful Village of Andros (Hora), municipal and cultural center of the island that transpires an aristocracy long forgotten. Here one can find many museums, art exhibitions and take place many cultural events. Recently the village of Andros has been ameliorated and restored to a better state thanks to the movie “Small England” that was shot here. Lastly you can find here all the commons and the Island’s Medical center.
  • Extremely fast and direct access from the nearby Athens via the port of Rafina, in just 2 hours, with multiple ferry trips every day during summer.